Training Courses

  • Highly Qualified hair stylist salon owner & hair extension expert teacher
  • In salon Training or can travel (subject to travelling expenses)
  • Full unlimited after care advice & support
  • Based in Southampton
  • Gain a fully accredited & insurable qualification
  • Automatically comes with a entourage extension trade account (access to trade discount)
  • Includes full kit with Entourage Extensions training academy, led by the UK’s best hair extension specialist award winner at the national Hair & Beauty Awards 2019

Why Entourage Extensions

Get taught by a real hair extensionist that has fully booked diary every day!!!

Having experienced many different training course’s we fully understand exactly what you want to gain from your course , you want to be fully capable of confidently starting your new venture, you want to have a good starting standard of fitting your hair extensions to only improve on & flourish with .

We see so many poor standards of hair extensions being produced , more often than not its down to the low standards of training

At Entourage we intend to give you all the extra insights to fitting a good set of extensions to prevent extensions coming loose , to carry out all precautions to prevent damage to your clients hair , to make sure you are focusing on a thorough consultation & how to colour match correctly, how to over come fine hair issues, even covering a basic example of how to cut & blend your extensions into your clients hair

Advice on how to get started in your venture also with options of a follow on advanced session where you can be shadowed & guided whilst fitting a full head at a reduced price for any student originally trained by us

We have a reputation to uphold & intend on doing so by only producing a successful hair extension technicians all you need to do is to strive with the determination to do so

Email us if you would like to know more £50 deposit required , remaining balance due on the day of training

2 methods Tape in & micro ring weave 1 full day 10 am till 5pm includes full professional high grade tool kit (every thing you need) £325

Course 1a ( An add on for course 1 or 4 ) 2 Advanced methods of micro ring weaves . Flat track weave and Secret weave . You must complete course 1 or 4 with entourage extensions first to be able to attend this course . Its a half day course 10am till 1pm £165

Course 2
3 methods micro, mini & nano rings 1 full day 10am till 5pm includes full professional high grade tool kit (every thing you need) £395

Course 3
2 method fusion bonds & prebonded 1 full day 10 am till 5pm includes full professional kit £350

Course 4
6 method, course’s 1 & 2 combined 2 day course both days 10am till 5pm includes full professional kit £600

Course 5
double ended dredlock extensions half a day course 9am till 2pm

Course 6

Spend a day in our salon practicing a real live model with your new found skills this can be any of the above techniques with professional help to hand, have an expert hair extension technician shadow you & tidy up any forgotten loose ends from the training , up your games & accelerate your standards from 9am £125

Please shop for your desired course here & secure your place with a deposit in the courses category