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Remy Couture Stick Tip £36.50 per pk

36,50 £


Only the most durable hair with optimum elasticity is hand selected to be included in this exclusive range. This cuticle correct hair is the nutritionally fortified using a revolutionary technique that makes the hair easy to manage and longer lasting. This range of per-bonded Nail Tip and Stick Tip hair provide a high level of styling flexibility and are ideal for those wanting the most natural look.
ultra easy to apply with micro rings see accessories.
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36,50 £


Full volume Easy to manage with minimal tangling Shiny, bouncy and soft to the touch Ideal for everyday styling Remains beautiful, wash after wash Remains beautiful for a long period time Package contains: 25 Pieces 20g Length: 20” (requires 5-7 packs depending on your hairs thickness , 5 for thin , 6 for medium Or 7 for thick hair) Colours: 10, 27, 613, P4/27, P6/27, P10/16, P10/613, P18/613, P24/613, P27/613


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