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Hair Couture Synthetic Pony-L Jasmin

19,99 £


Luxury Velcro Ponytail made of 100% high quality tongable synthetic fibre with soft net cap. Soft and silky with a human hair touch, this fibre allows heat styling up to 200oC maintaining the style better and keeping the curls for longer. The cap is specially designed to use a soft material and elastic tapes to allow comfort and ventilation. Around the cap there is a drawstring to adjust the size of the cap to secure the ponytail in place.
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19,99 £


In the package, there is a claw clip which is optional to use to put inside the ponytail cap to attach to your own hair. All our Hair Couture Luxury Ponytails are designed to be two styles in one, which means the ponytail can be reversed to change to another look. Luxury ponytails offer you the better ponytails which can be heat styled like human hair and maintain the styles better and longer. Finished Hair Length: 19” - 22” Hair Weight: 157g – 160g Touch: Silky and Soft


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